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Celebrate the 500 Year Anniversary of the Luther Reformation in Germany 2017 with imagine


Group at Berlin Wall

Dear imagine Tours & Travel,

Everything was great. Our guide was exceptional, not only was he knowledgeable of the history, but he went out of his way to make sure we all were able to experience the best of Germany. 

Bonnie & Leo Sanderson

family at Wartburg Castle

Dear imagine Tours & Travel,

Our trip to Germany let us experience the places where the Lutheran Reformation took place. That history came alive through the cities, castles, landscapes and tour guide’s informative descriptions. A highlight was visiting the Wartburg Castle where Martin Luther lived as Knight George. 

Christine Kruschel

couple at Berlin Wall

Dear imagine Tours &Travel,

The trip to Germany exceeded my expectations from hearing about the “old country” from my grandparents. The reality of history came to life as I walked in the castles, streets and homes of people who have so influenced our lives. In spite of past wars, the region yields a sense of Martin Luther’s world and the spirit of the Reformation era. This isn’t your typical Germany tour. We can’t wait until we can lead a tour again, bringing others with us.

Rev. Nathan Brandt

passenger in Germany

Dear imagine Tours & Travel,

I have led many tours to Germany. They are very enjoyable and educational. Our accommodations are always great...bus, guide, hotels, and meals. Any Christian interested in their heritage should consider this tour.  

Rev. Gene Kock